You’ve probably heard much about the pension problems experienced by many local cities and counties.  The Governor is even talking about it now.  However, most proposals you see out there either do not offer concrete proposals, or the suggestions they make will barely scratch the surface and are far from a real fix.  The ACC-OC Pension Policy Committee has worked hard for the past several months to comb through all of these proposals and come up with the ones that will actually solve the problem at a city level.  Last Thursday night, the cities in the association unanimously adopted the Pension reform guidelines put forth by the Committee.  This is not light reading, but real answers never are.

Click here to see the finally approved guidelines.

Click here to see the polling we received from Probolsky Research to indicate what people think about our ideas.

Click here to read the Flashreport OpEd I wrote just before the vote.

Click here to read the article from the Orange County Register Watchdog

There are big problems out there, but there are big solutions too.  Here’s one of them.