What a difference a day makes! Yesterday at lunch, I was looking out over Lake Arrowhead with Susie, Wesley (3) and Grant (2), wondering what the future would hold. As many of you know, I term out from City Council in 2014 but I passionately want to continue making a difference for our community. Earlier this year I decided not to run for State Assembly so our two little guys could have their dad around, and it looked like Mimi Walters had the 5th District Supervisor seat all locked up. The future was anything but clear.

At 3:00 yesterday afternoon, John Campbell announced that he would not seek another term in Congress, and the game of musical chairs began. Mimi Walters immediately announced that she was running for John’s seat (instead of Supervisor) and the first real opportunity I have seen for a long time began to take shape.

I’ve lived in Orange County almost all my life, and through my work at the Association of California Cities Orange County, I’ve been able to work with our current County Supervisors, city elected officials and business leaders from across the county. We live in a truly dynamic place with virtually limitless possibilities, but we have some very real problems to wrestle with. We have tremendous regulatory burdens that drag our businesses down, stifle our freedoms and sap our entrepreneurial spirit. We have also spent ourselves into dire economic straights, a legacy I’m embarrassed to leave my children. Our state is continually trying to take our resources and saddle us with more of its problems, and our federal government is riddled with scandals and mismanagement.

Orange County needs strong, creative, fiscally conservative leadership. With your help, I would like to provide that leadership as your next 5th District Supervisor.

This is by far the biggest race I have ever considered and it simply will not succeed without your enthusiastic support. How can you help?

1. Please reply to this email with your endorsement of my campaign for supervisor. This will be a race to see who can collect endorsements the fastest and I desperately need your support as quickly as possible.

2. Share this email with your friends. There is nothing more powerful then people giving their personal recommendation of support to their friends.

3. Consider your most generous financial contribution possible. The filing period for reporting contributions ends on June 30 – just two days from now – which also happens to be my birthday. I know it is a lot to ask in these difficult economic times, but would you consider investing the maximum allowed contribution of $1,800 per person? Maybe $1,000, $500, $250 or $100? Any amount will be tremendously helpful and the more names I can list on this initial filing the better. Checks need to be made to Ming for Supervisor 2014 and mailed to the address below. Date your check by June 30 to count for this reporting period!

These are difficult times in our county, state and nation. Take action today to be part of the solution. You deserve leadership you can be proud of. I will do my very best to provide it!