Did you celebrate Veteran’s Day today? Thankfully, we have the great privilege of having veterans all around us. Most are quietly going about their lives, but if you ask, they all have stories. Every day is a good day to hear those stories, and especially today.

In Laguna Niguel, we celebrated by hearing from five veterans representing WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Cold War and Iraqi Freedom. The boy scouts and girl scouts in attendance may have wondered why our WWII Vets were referred to as the Greatest Generation. I think USMC First Lieutenant Tom Evans said it better than I ever could.

These men and women were dealt blow after blow of adversity, but they would not give up. Now dwindling in number, their country asked them to bear a burden unlike any before them. When tyranny knocked on our door, they were the ones who responded. They voluntarily enlisted by the hundreds of thousands. Then when their blood had secured our freedom, they rebuilt our war weary nation with their energy, discipline and ingenuity.

I want my children not only to hear the stories, but to long for the opportunity to prove that they too have the moral fiber to be a next Greatest Generation.

Sacrifice. Honor. Courage. Faithfulness. These are the traits that made them the Greatest Generation. These are the traits our veterans exemplify every day that they serve. These are the traits we must teach our children, not by words alone, but by our actions.

With great admiration of our veterans,


Robert Ming
Mayor, City of Laguna Niguel
Candidate, Orange County Supervisor