Did I mention I wrote a book? Did I mention it would make a GREAT last minute Christmas gift, is only $4.99 and is delivered instantly? It is available for iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and PDF through Smashwords. Print edition will be available through Amazon in the next few weeks for $12.99.

You may be surprised to find that this is NOT a book about politics. Actually, the origins for this book go back to long before I was elected. Here’s the story behind the story.

Remember going on camp-outs as a kid? I have lots of fond memories going with my Dad on YMCA Indian Guide trips, and then going with Jonathan and Katie. In time, I expect to take Wesley and Grant too. When Jonathan was young, the tribe used to turn in for the night pretty early, so dad often found some rare quiet time up there. In one of those times, I got the idea for a fantasy adventure novel and started writing. It wasn’t a very high priority for me, so I worked on it a little here and there at camp or on vacation. It was a nice outlet and was purely for fun.

After three or four years of camps with Jonathan, and a couple of years of camp with Katie, it had grown to quite a stack of paper. Jonathan saw me working on it one day and asked the now famous question “What’s that Dad?” That’s when my trouble began…

“I want to read it,” he said.

“It isn’t finished yet.”

“Well when will it be finished?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know why not.”

“If you don’t know, why can’t it be done now? I want to read it.”

“Because it isn’t done yet!”

“Well, can I read what you’ve got?”

As you can probably tell, Jonathan won. He can be pretty persistent when he wants to be. Needless to say, I gave him the unfinished manuscript and a few days later he came back to me and said something like, “Dude, you’ve got to finish it! I want to know what happens!” That’s when the pestering began. It felt like the road trip “Are we there yet?” saga, only this was the “Are you finished yet?” version. Of course he told Katie, and then they both began pestering dear old Dad to spit out the next chapter. I suppose it was all for the best because now it’s done, and I really have them to thank for it.

So after what feels like thousands of drafts and feedback from lots of people, here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Awakening the Soldier, is available for download to your iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, computer or other electronic device from Smashwords here. and will be available in paperback from Amazon.com within the next few weeks. Thanks for your support!