Are you worthy of the great power you have today?  People die at the hands of dictators and tyrants every year, longing for the day when they could truly be free.  This one right – the right to vote – is a gift of immeasurable value most Americans take for granted.  It is all that stands between you and dictatorship.

The Founding Fathers gave us a representative form of government, knowing that most people would not have the time or ability to become truly informed, but modern technology and society have pushed more obligations on voters.  Especially in California where we have a stack of initiatives every year, casting an informed vote is quite a challenge.  The Voter Information Supplemental Guide is fat, I know, but spending a little time with it can reveal some amazing results.  The ads are like walking into a gym where everyone is shouting and while you may be able to take some of it in, there is nothing like spending some quiet time with the real words and reading for yourself.  Are you willing to pay the price to cast an informed vote?

Your vote for President is clearly the most important vote you will cast.  It sets the tone for the country and sets the direction for the next four years.  It should not be a vote based on feelings but on reason.  Even if you think Barack Obama is a really nice guy and means well for our country, ask yourself whether we are better off today then we were four years ago.  The Declaration of Independence actually phrases the question nicely.  It phrases it in terms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Today, we think about this way:  Are you safer?  Are you more free?  Are you more prosperous?  From my perspective, the answer to all three is no, so I see no reason to give him second term.

The next most important vote for Californians in my opinion is Proposition 32.  Nothing else on this ballot is a game changer for California.  Sacramento is ruled by the unions and corporations that fund the campaigns of elected officials and it needs to stop.  It won’t stop anyone’s “voice” and isn’t filled with “loopholes”.  It simply makes California follow the Federal rule for contribution limits and it is a great idea whose time has come.  Please vote YES on 32.

There are lots of other items on the ballot that are important for numerous reasons, and the most important thing to do is get informed before you vote.  If you are a Christian, I suggest you take a look at the Civic Stewardship Ministry Voter Guide I helped develop for Coast Hills Community Church.  It doesn’t tell you how to vote, just provides a very summarized list of the pros and cons for all of the initiatives on the ballot.

If you’re looking for more specific help, there are a ton of good resources available I would be happy to direct you to.