Awakening the Soldier

Need a little escape? Time for an adventure? Read my book! Awakening the Soldier is a fictional fantasy adventure that I hope you will enjoy. This is a political free zone! Click here to buy the book on

Awakening the SoldierIn Awakening the Soldier, Victor Bremerton finds his world turned upside-down when he is confronted by two immensely powerful warriors who embody all that has been wrong with the world lately. Previously only hearing rumors of their existence, Vic finds himself completely unprepared for the encounter. Now driven to discover the truth behind these dark warriors, Vic discovers a war he had always sensed but never confirmed lurking right beneath the surface of everyday life, with spies and informants all around him. Befriended by one of those clandestine soldiers, Vic discovers the history of the war and where the battle lines are drawn. Before fully understanding what all this means, he is suddenly forced to choose between the life he has known with its hope for a love not yet fulfilled, and the amazing power and sense of purpose of a soldier. Vic enlists only to find that Catherine, the childhood friend he longs to love, has been deceived into working for the enemy. Vic must quickly learn to use the enchanted gem through which a soldier’s power flows, complete his mission, and somehow reunite with Catherine before it is too late. Lord Dramon and his powerful sentries vie for domination over Vic and his allies, but not all in Dramon’s camp are loyal, and not all the soldiers Vic fights with are committed. Catherine’s life and the future of the kingdom hang in the balance.

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  1. Robert Ming says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice on your next stroll through the park to reach down and find a little scroll wrapped with a red ribbon that was directed specifically to you and told you exactly what to do next? It would probably be a hard lifestyle to get used to, but an exciting one!

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