Many have asked me, “Why run for Orange County Supervisor?” The answer is really quite simple. I’m passionate about bringing people together to creatively solve problems. In these challenging times, our county needs a very specific skill set in its leaders. They are the hallmarks of this campaign:

Integrity. The county has undergone some difficult challenges recently in its leadership. Difficult corrective steps have already been taken, but the people need to know they can have confidence in the integrity of their leaders. Integrity can’t be claimed overnight, it must be proven over time. I’m proud of the people I have worked with over many years who can testify about my character.

Fiscal Responsibility. The county has once again been thrown into a difficult financial crisis, and it will take discipline and focus to get through it. My record in Laguna Niguel is of balanced budgets, focusing on the essential functions of government without expensive distractions, and contracting out services whenever it makes sense to do so. This model has served the city well, and will serve the county well.

Leadership. Finding solutions to difficult problems often requires a fresh perspective, thinking outside the box, and remembering that the best ideas often come from the private sector. When our adopted marines and sailors needed a better support system, I helped form the Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee and Foundation and served as its Founding President. When cities needed a better voice and a way to build good public policy together, I helped form the Association of California Cities and served as its Founding President. When the county needs answers, I’ll roll up my sleeves again to bring people together and help find solutions.

It isn’t easy to keep these issues in focus, but it is essential that we do. Join the team today to help me bring these common sense leadership qualities to the County of Orange.

Specific Issues

There are many specific issues that I’m passionate about that I would like to move forward if I’m elected. Specifically, traffic and transportation improvements on I-5, completing the La Pata extension, making sure the new Rancho Mission Viejo communities become financially viable cities that maintain the high quality of life of their neighbors, and many others. In fact, there are so many other specific issues we created a website for you to see them all and help fund the messages you believe in. It is called the Action Message Network and you can access it here!

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