What is IC Media?

As is all too often the case in politics, someone – obviously with a political agenda – has contrived an attack on me aimed at harming my credibility. This individual didn’t call to ask me the truth, he disseminated this attack in an anonymous blast email to a large list of political insiders, and then subsequently to a much larger email list.

By taking portions of my Form 700s out of context, it implies things that are simply not true. Fortunately, I have a great number of friends and supporters on the original list of recipients, who immediately forwarded it to me.

There were three allegations in the email that are clearly false:

1. I’ve never paid myself with campaign funds. As shown in my form 700, I have never taken a paycheck or compensation of any sort from IC Media.

2. The money paid to IC Media for fundraising was for catering costs at the many events I’ve held since the beginning of this campaign, and before that for my city council campaign and roundtable. This is entirely separate from the fundraising fees paid to my fundraising consultant.

3. IC Media was initially formed in 1998 to sell Christian music online, but remained dormant until 2008 when we reinvented it to provide catering, web design and staff support services for conservative candidates and companies. IC Media designed and hosts my campaign website and has catered my events since the beginning of the campaign.

It is clear that the anonymous individual who levied this attack has no interest in knowing the truth, but rather simply disseminating a poor attempt at a smear campaign. Anyone who has been to my events knows that the catering has been top quality and no one can provide those services at a better rate.

I remain available to discuss these and any other matters with anyone who actually wants to know the truth.


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