We won the primary! Thanks to all my wonderful supporters and endorsers who helped make it happen. We are focused on November now and we need your help! You don’t want your name left off this list, do you? Comment on this page or send an email to brian@robertming.com to add your name. Please also consider contributing to support the campaign, either online or by check.

Elected Officials
Supervisor Shawn Nelson
Supervisor John Moorlach
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff
Senator Mimi Walters
Assemblywoman Diane Harkey
Mayor Linda Lindholm, Laguna Niguel
Mayor Dwight Robinson, Lake Forest
Mayor Carol Gamble, Rancho Santa Margarita
Mayor Tim Brown, San Clemente
Mayor Elizabeth Pearson, Laguna Beach
Mayor Steven Choi, Irvine
Mayor Craig Young, Yorba Linda
Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Lalloway, Irvine
Mayor Pro Tem Adam Nick, Lake Forest
Mayor Pro Tem Brad McGirr, Rancho Santa Margarita
Mayor Pro Tem Jerry McCloskey, Laguna Niguel
Mayor Pro Tem Al Ethans, Stanton
Mayor Pro Tem Greg Sebourn, Fullerton
Councilmember Mike Munzing, Aliso Viejo
Councilmember Fred Smith, Buena Park
Councilmember Gary Monahan, Costa Mesa
Councilmember Doug Bailey, Cypress
Councilmember Carlos Olvera, Dana Point
Councilmember Christina Shea, Irvine
Councilmember Steve Dicterow, Laguna Beach
Councilmember Laurie Davies, Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Jerry Slusiewicz, Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Scott Voigts, Lake Forest
Councilmember Cathy Schlicht, Mission Viejo
Councilmember Chad Wanke, Placentia
Councilmember Jeremy Yamaguchi, Placentia
Councilmember Tony Beall, Rancho Santa Margarita
Councilmember Bob Baker, San Clemente
Councilmember Lori Donchak, San Clemente
Councilmember Roy L. Byrnes, San Juan Capistrano
Councilmember Derek Reeve, San Juan Capistrano
Councilmember Fred Whitaker, Orange
Councilmember Jim Righeimer, Costa Mesa
Councilmember Tom Lindsey, Yorba Linda
Councilmenber Deborah Pauly, Villa Park
Councilmember Tim Shaw, La Habra
Councilmember Steve Tye, Diamond Bar
Councilmember Bruce Whitaker, Fullerton
Trustee Robert Hammond, Orange County Board of Education
Trustee Ken L. Williams Jr. D.O., Orange County Board of Education
Board President Nancy Padberg, South Orange County Community College District
Trustee Jim Reardon, Capistrano Unified School District
Trustee Ellen Addonizio, Capistrano Unified School District
Board Vice President Alexia Deligianni, Orange Unified School District
Former Mayor Gary Capata, Laguna Niguel
Former Mayor Mike Whipple, Laguna Niguel
Former Mayor Neil Blais, Rancho Santa Margarita
Former Mayor Allan Songstad, Laguna Hills
Former Mayor Harold Kaufman, Dana Point
Former Mayor Joe Snyder, Dana Point
Former Mayor Ingrid McGuire, Dana Point
Former Mayor Larry Crandall, Fountain Valley
Former Mayor Joel Lautenschleger, Laguna Hills
Former Mayor John Paul Ledesma, Mission Viejo
Former Mayor Gail Reavis, Mission Viejo
Former Mayor Lou Bone, Tustin
Former Mayor Doug Davert, Tustin
Former Mayor Dorothy Wedel, La Habra
Former Mayor Keith Bohr, Huntington Beach
Former Mayor Doug McAllister, Murrieta
Director Larry Dick, Municipal Water District of Orange County
Planning Commissioner April Josephson, Rancho Santa Margarita
Chairman of the Planning Commission Mike Vaughn, Rancho Santa Margarita
Commissioner David Mansdoerfer, Mission Viejo Investment Advisory Commission
Republican Party of Orange County
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC
Lincoln Club of Orange County
Atlas PAC
Orange County Young Republicans
California Republican Assembly
Talega Residents for Fair Taxation
Family Action PAC
Irvine Chamber Educational PAC
Dan Abrams, Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, Chair-Elect
Craig & Pam Alexander
Carole Allen, Former Citizen of the Year
Tim & Jan Arensmeier
Phillip & Jackie Ashman
Frank E. Baxter
Jennifer Beall
Ilse & Mindi Berke
Vince & Suzie Bindi
Bruce Birkeland
Alexis Boulanger
Christine Bronstein
Robert L. Brown
Sue Bock
Chandra Chell
Harry V. Cheshire, Jr., Former President, Automobile Club of Southern California
Jerry & Bonnie Claxton
Patrick Copland
Rick & Paula Cosenza
Brad Dacus
Louise Dawson
Todd Dean
Barbara Delgleize
Karen Durso
Steven J. Edwards, DDS
Vito & Karen Ferlauto
Laura Ferguson
Professor Christopher Flannery
Davese Galla-Rini
Michael & Debra Garnreiter
Ray Gennawey, Student Body President, Chapman Law School
Larry Gilbert
Eileen Gomez
Col. L.D. Gonzales, Ret.
Jeff Hamilton, Ladera Ranch
Jim & Sue Hancock
Jennifer Heinen
Charles Hendricks
Denice Hickey
David Horowitz
John & Nancy Humphrey
John Mark Jennings
Michael Johnson
Dr. Reza Karkia
William Kelley
Amin & Kathryn Khalifa, Former Citizen of the Year
Audrey Kieckhefer
Baron Knight
Don Kolehmainen
Jeanette Krembas
Ken & Rose Lambie
Bill Leber
Dave & Connie Lee
Tim & Lisa Leets
Adam Liquori
Robin & Dennis Long
Lee M. Lowrey
Patricia & Robert MacDonald
Pat Maciariello
Sal Mariscal
Brian Martin
Mattingly Messina
CDR John Mastrocola USNR
Mary Aileen Matheis
Jeff McBride
Robert McCormick
Gina McNelley
Mattingly Messina
Mark Montgomery, Former Chairman, Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce
Mark N. Montgomery, DDS
Doug & Martha Ming
Wit Muller
Donna & Dennis Mulvaney, Former Citizen of the Year
Jeff Nasi
Dr. Bill Nguyen DDS
Robyn Nordell
David Russell Ohrn “DRO”
Scott & Brenda Ostrander
Rabbi Mendy Paltiel
William & Dolores Parsch
Johncito F. Peraza von Stuyvesant
Victoria Pore’
Verne Potter
Greg Powers
Chris Rangel
Steve Rettig, Chair, Laguna Niguel Planning Commission
Dr. Kerry Reynolds
Rhonda Rohrabacher
Joe Rispoli
Paul & Nancy Sandoval
Bernard Z. Senkowski, PhD
Dorothy Sheldon
Meg, Mike & Margaret Shockley
Ted & Linda Shown
Jim & Mary Smith
Bob & Jennifer Soza
Mark & Helene Snider
Joe Steele
Gary and Ofelia Symons
Tom Tews
Deborah Tharp
Craig Thomas
Mel Trudell
John & Susan Tweed
George Ullrich
Javid & Azita Vahid
Kim & John Van Vlear
Mercedes & Richard Wagner
Richard K. Wagner
Dan Weeks
David Weiss, Former Chairman, Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce
Paul & Judy Whitelock
Gary & Karen Wiggle
Marty & Nancy Williams
Bill & Wendy Winslow
Stephanie Winstead, Esq.
Michael Winston, Esq.
Greg Woodard
Sherry Worel, Superintendent, Stoneybrooke Christian Schools
Julie Wright
“You have my absolutely unmitigated support in your effort to obtain 5th district supervisor seat. Having observed in person your dialog and decision making process during city council meetings as a reporter, and seen and assessed the impact of your decisions as a consultant, I find you to be one of the most honest, sincere and forthright representatives for the population in south Orange County. Please feel free to use this as a personal endorsement, should you ever feel the need. I sincerely hope that you win at your effort, for the betterment of the community at large. (For the record, I have never, ever given a stronger more definitive statement of support for anyone for any seat to this date. There are no false platitudes here.)”
Deborah Tharp, Former Laguna Niguel Patch Reporter
“I have known Robert most of his life. His family and their values are consistently what I admire and look up to. Robert in his adult life has achieved success and accomplishments on an ongoing basis, with a great and healthy focus on his family and their well being. Most importantly, Robert has a big-picture, broad view of a future for California and Orange County, in particular, which is for fiscal solvency and conservative policies which will leave a community for our children and grandchildren we can be proud of. It’s all of this and, particularly, this last quality of Robert’s which I am convinced make Robert the absolute best person for Orange County Supervisor! We need Robert Ming in office … for the future of Orange County!”
Karen J. Durso, Retired Court Reporter
“Nearly two decades ago, I met Robert and Susie Ming. Since that time I have watched them blossom as a family and a strong source of support for one another. When we first met, Robert was an attorney with a young family who was seeking an alternative outlet for his active mind and compassionate heart. He found government service to feel that desire developing into a top notch, values-oriented public servant. With the city of Laguna Niguel as his family’s home, Robert has spent many years in this city’s local government. Serving as mayor and a city council member of Laguna Niguel, Robert acquired a volume of experience and knowledge necessary to step into the role of County Supervisor of Orange County. My wife and I ask you get acquainted with Robert Ming. When you do, you will understand why we support him in this very important county seat.”
Warren and Pam Duffy

Paid for by Ming for Supervisor 2014. ID#1358874.

4 Responses to Endorsements

  1. Robert Ming says:

    What a difference a day makes! Yesterday at lunch, I was looking out over Lake Arrowhead with Susie, Wesley (3) and Grant (2), wondering what the future would hold. As many of you know, I term out from City Council in 2014 but I passionately want to continue making a difference for our community. Earlier this year I decided not to run for State Assembly so our two little guys could have their dad around, and it looked like Mimi Walters had the 5th District Supervisor seat all locked up. The future was anything but clear.

    At 3:00 yesterday afternoon, John Campbell announced that he would not seek another term in Congress, and the game of musical chairs began. Mimi Walters immediately announced that she was running for John’s seat (instead of Supervisor) and the first real opportunity I have seen for a long time began to take shape.

    I’ve lived in Orange County almost all my life, and through my work at the Association of California Cities Orange County, I’ve been able to work with our current County Supervisors, city elected officials and business leaders from across the county. We live in a truly dynamic place with virtually limitless possibilities, but we have some very real problems to wrestle with. We have tremendous regulatory burdens that drag our businesses down, stifle our freedoms and sap our entrepreneurial spirit. We have also spent ourselves into dire economic straights, a legacy I’m embarrassed to leave my children. Our state is continually trying to take our resources and saddle us with more of its problems, and our federal government is riddled with scandals and mismanagement.

    Orange County needs strong, creative, fiscally conservative leadership. With your help, I would like to provide that leadership as your next 5th District Supervisor.

    This is by far the biggest race I have ever considered and it simply will not succeed without your enthusiastic support. How can you help?

    1. Please reply to this email with your endorsement of my campaign for supervisor. This will be a race to see who can collect endorsements the fastest and I desperately need your support as quickly as possible.

    2. Share this email with your friends. There is nothing more powerful then people giving their personal recommendation of support to their friends.

    3. Consider your most generous financial contribution possible. The filing period for reporting contributions ends on June 30 – just two days from now – which also happens to be my birthday. I know it is a lot to ask in these difficult economic times, but would you consider investing the maximum allowed contribution of $1,800 per person? Maybe $1,000, $500, $250 or $100? Any amount will be tremendously helpful and the more names I can list on this initial filing the better. Checks need to be made to Ming for Supervisor 2014 and mailed to the address below. Date your check by June 30 to count for this reporting period!

    These are difficult times in our county, state and nation. Take action today to be part of the solution. You deserve leadership you can be proud of. I will do my very best to provide it!

    Very truly yours,

    Robert Ming
    Mayor, City of Laguna Niguel

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  3. scribematt says:

    Mattingly Messina: would love to become a noted supporter of the campaign.

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