Friends for Saving California Jobs

As a founding board member of Friends for Saving California Jobs, I fully believe in its mission and purpose.

Common Sense Environmental Regulation

We can have it all!

We don’t have to kill our economy to go green.  Actually, it is the opposite.  A successful economy is what provides us the resources to invest in helping our environment, but some environmental policies — like Cap and Trade — are pushing businesses and jobs out of the state. It’s time to get smart about where we focus our energy.  We need to:

  • Start balancing the need for environmental protection with the need for a vibrant and growing economy.
  • Stop policies like Cap and Trade that stifle economic growth and drive businesses out of California.

Many “green” organizations and policymakers say that they want to help the environment, but all they really want to do is make you and the companies you work for leave the state.  Its time to bring some honesty back to the discussion.  We need to require full disclosure of financial costs and lifestyle changes required by all present and proposed environmental policies. Only then will the people really be able to decide which policies make sense.  Common sense environmental policies.

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