Privacy Policy

In the course of volunteering your time, making contributions or offering your endorsement, visitors to this website may provide their name, address, political affiliation, or financial or credit card information. I realize the importance of maintaining this information as confidential and I will never provide this information to any other political or other organization, or sell it to any third party. I will use the information to contact you about my city council campaign, and may use it in the future to contact you about other candidates or causes I think you would like to hear about. If you ever wish to review the information I have about you, or update, correct, or remove yourself from my mailing list, please email me at

As you may already be aware, I am required by applicable campaign finance rules to report contributions of $100 or greater to the FPPC and others. This policy has been in effect since this website was first posted in March of 2004 and has been posted here as required by California law. I do not plan to update this privacy policy, but if I do, any changes will be posted to this location.

For other questions about this website, event registrations or other customer service issues, please contact us at 949-443-3626 or email to Thank you for your support.

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